Stay Tuned For Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Hello friends!

This last week has been a crazy one indeed. I had my first taste of virality which came quite unexpectedly, but I’ve also been in the middle of a great many projects in “real life” over the last couple of months that have kept me quite busy. This upcoming week promises to be equally full. I’ve been helping to plan and coordinate a major event for Pride in my church community (yes, some of you may be quite surprised to learn that I’m affiliated and active in a church, and a Christian one at that), and I also have some light traveling I have to do. If I’m not particularly prolific in the next week or two, don’t fret – juggling responsibilities is a full-time job.

You’ll be pleased to know, however, that I’m already developing new posts and working on my content for the long-term. I may never recapture the virality of last Monday’s post, and that’s okay (and frankly, that would be quite welcome). One of the drawbacks to going viral is that the influx of a wide audience disrupts your plan for a particular target audience. To put it bluntly, there have been a good number of people reading, commenting, and linking to this blog this last week who I have no desire to attract or retain as my target audience. I never planned on going viral – I simply wanted to build my audience over time post by post. I’ll take recent events, however, as a blessing and work to make sure that my blog growth proceeds reasonably and organically.

In the meantime, I invite you to follow me on Twitter, and PLEASE consider donating to my PayPal as your generosity and gifts may allow. I would also invite you to check out some of the blogs written by my friends, such as Kevin Toth, whose ordination to the Disciples of Christ is this coming Saturday, as well as the author behind the Whovian Theology blog, for you Doctor Who fans.

Thank you for visiting, following, and reading. I look forward to many more interactions and discussions, and wish you well as your week begins!