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My goal with this site is to establish a safe, civil, and productive space for discussion. To that end, these are my guidelines for comments:

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  6. Some viewpoints will receive no welcome nor quarter on this site. These include viewpoints considered “eliminationalist” (Neo-Nazi, genocidal, etc.), supremacist (Confederate, Klan, White/Christian nationalist, etc.), conspiracy theories, propaganda, or hostile toward marginalized groups of any sort. I will not tolerate homophobia, theological or otherwise, nor brainless, heartless anti-religious speech.
  7. Let’s face it, some comments are downright asinine and brainless. Comments that miss the point, are incoherent, or state obvious or egregious falsehoods will not be approved. This includes mansplaining, efforts to uphold white, straight, male, cisgender, or Christian privilege, and anything that re-centers discussion on marginalized groups on privileged people. If you’re going to leave stupid comments, you should at least put $20 into my PayPal.
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I look forward to productive, thoughtful, and civil interactions. Thank you again for visiting my page!